Dan Hay, the executive producer of Far Cry 4 explains the ties to Kyrat of the villain Pagan Min and the protagonist Ajay Ghale in a new video shown at the E3.

For over twenty years, Min has been ruling the eye-catching fictional Himalayan country and being the unquestioned ruler for over two decades (that’s a long time!) has definitely encouraged some irregular and irrational behavior.

Hay unveiled the linkage of the attractive pink suit worn by Min in the interview. The admirable suit that Min wears is linked with his mom as a homage. Hay says:

Pagan Min wears that suit as an homage to his mom. So when you’re making fun of the suit, you’re making fun of his mom. And I would not make fun of Pagan Min’s mom.

There’s also some connection between Ghale’s family with the villain but it is yet to be seen. Ajay’s surname will be recognized by many characters as he makes progress through his journey.

The release date of Far Cry 4 is November 18 in North America whereas it is November 21 in Europe. The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Watch the interview of Far Cry 4 executive producer Dan Hay.