The new trailer of Far cry 4 the king of Kyrat tells us more about the game’s main antagonist Pagan Min. He was born to a small time drug dealer in Hong Kong, Golden triangle. He worked with his father in the drug dealing, although he hated it, he still worked with him. After the mysterious death of his father. Pagan took the money left, then he assembled a small private army. His real name is unknown, he adopted the name ”pagan” which was the name of a Burmese king who murdered his family so he could have absolute control.

Far cry 4 new trailer gives us the back story of pagan min ubisoft kiev

Then he took control of every asset he saw which made his allies turn against him and betray him because in the heroin trade pagan was trying to get everything under his control. With nowhere to go he then discovered Kyrat a small state which is just the perfect place for him and to continue his work. He then with the help of the loyalist he took over Kyrat. After the control guess what he did? He betrayed the loyalists and anyone who spoke against him died. The betrayal caused the formation of the golden path a small movement which sole aim is to overthrow Pagan Min.

The main game character is Ajay Ghale a Nepalese. He had gone to Kyrat to scatter his mother’s ashes, but instead found him in a bloody civil war now it is upto to him(and you) to stop Pagan Min of getting absolute control. The Game is Open-world with the map same size as Far cry 3 and it is also First-person shooter like Far cry 3. It has many new features like riding an elephant or planting a C4 in them and sending them to enemy territory and detonate the C4.

The game will release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Xbox one and Xbox 360 on November 18.

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