After the release of some heavy resources consuming games in the market it seems like the budget gaming is coming to an end. Previously, we have seen that for running the game which was equipped with heavy texture and develop in Cry Engine 3 requires DirectX11 GPU. We have also seen that before the release of today’s games, most developers are focusing on more than 4Gb of RAM. Although players are still enjoying the games with their even 2Gb stick. But demand to meet the current requirements is increasing day by day. A Few months back the first game which strike on Dual-Cores CPUs were Watch Dogs, developers throw the soft news in the media that Watch dogs will not run on Dual Core processors but after the release we saw that the game was running fine. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is also creating problems for the players who are owning Dual Core PCs, but for this game the patch has been revealed.  Now, the latest game has made an entry in the market and without any soft news the game is crashing on dual core processor. Several Reddit users are reporting that, Far Cry 4 is crashing on their system, when they try to run the game with their dual core PCs without hyperthreading. Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 does not run on straight dual core PCs and ends up displaying a black screen and a failure to launch bug. 

Far Cry 4 Joins List Of Games To Ditch Dual-Core Processors – End Of Budget Gaming? ubisoft kiev


Those players who are owning a system with dual core, but it has hyperthreading are on the safe side, as according to the report when the game takes load at the start it utilize hyperthreading, but still for those players’ performance is not satisfactory.

It seems like the budget gaming is coming to an end after the several reports of players on Reddit, these days might be coming to an end – sooner than later.

If we talk about the latest releases of this month apart from Far Cry 4 the other game which is also not willing to entertain the dual core party is from the EA side namely Dragon Age: Inquisition. While EA is encouraging demands for a refund for the Inquisition and Ubisoft is expected to release a bug fixing the failure to launch bug, by the looks of things, it might be a good time to start saving for a quad core upgrade. As if we see the next Generation consoles Xbox One and PS4 they are also equipped with 8 Cores and 8Gb Ram. AMD is still trying to entertain the players who are on a low budget with their APUs now all eyes on the Intel.

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