Our media sources report that Ubisoft has gone great heights to design the much awaited Far Cry 4. So far we’ve got concept art and similar stuff and one surprising info of Ubi personally sent its team of developers to survey Nepal, a land amongst the ice and unforgiving Himalayas offering plenty of scenic views and will add a humanistic touch to the game’s AI.

Far Cry 4 concept derived from real life of Nepal and Tibet

Far Cry 4

Henri Guay, Brand Manager of the franchise claimed that they were working on an original concept and set the game’s map to be loosely based on a place like Nepal where Indo-chinese culture seems to be at its best. One of the most inspiring locations for the crew was the famed Nepal Bharatpur Gansehthan temple.

Some of the crew set out to survey the geographical terrain and the various mountain views of Nepal, some went to the sombre yet monk dominated area of Tibet. With this the team decided in their best interests to reduce the temperatures by 5-10° C in order to create a similar setting with more snow and blizzard effects.

Far Cry 4

Despite this, Ubisoft has been less open in revealing more about the setting at Kyrat, but we are aware (thanks to the gameplay trailer) that we would be scaling and rappelling these peaks. In order to do so protagonist Ajay will be equipped with a new hook rope with which he will be able to scale these peaks.

Thoughts on the other elements of the game? Do place them below!

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