Although the launch of Far Cry 4 was not so smooth, in a season full of bungled launches, especially for Ubisoft games. But still the game is impressive and equipped with rich map. Far cry 4 is also suffering from some issues most common the black screen issue. For PC users who are facing the black screen issue while playing game, Ubisoft was going to release the patch on Friday, but now there is a bad news for those players who are facing black screen problems as the patch has been delayed until next week.

Far Cry 4 black screen fix patch 1.4.0 delayed until next week

Far cry 4 cover

The plan was to release the patch 1.4.0 in order to fix are major problems related to the black screen but now players have to live with the black shadow for one more week. In an update to a post by Ubisoft, which was tagged onto a previous Steam post, they now say that the patch will not be released until early next week and no exact day has been specified.

There is a good news that new update which will be rolled out on next week would be equipped with more fixes, is unlikely to appear before Monday now. While Far Cry 4 has not suffered from nearly as many problems as Assassin’s Creed: Unity, this black screen problem appears to have affected quite a few players.

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