Famous PUBG streamer Shroud, also known as Michael Grzesiek received a notice of one-month ban from PUBG Corporation a couple of hours ago during the livestream of his gameplay on Twitch.

As per the reports, it is confirmed that the popular stream will not be able to play the game for atleast a period of one month after playing the game alongside a hacker. Shroud was inside a flying car along with the hacker, who helped him to kill the players that were hiding inside a building. The hacker provided him the positions of other players who were hiding and not easily visible, which comes under the violation of game rules against hacking.

Moreover, Shroud and hacker both belonged to a different squad in the game, who later teamed up to kill the players, which is also one of the offensive move and thus leading towards the ban. However, the player acknowledged his actions that what he did wasn’t fair and against the rules, and also apologized for his actions.

Here’s what he said to Kotaku after the ban;

“Obviously, I knew what the fuck I was doing, which wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea. I’m sorry to those peeps who are real upset with me, with all the, y’know, flying around with the cheater and such…”

He also insisted that the hacker should also be banned by the corporation. Whereas the PUBG Corporation insists that they do not want to disclose the individual penalties publicly, and the players should refer to the game’s rule of conduct.

Here’s a video of that exact time when it happened.

So it is pretty much clear that the stance of developers is clear in the matter of using cheats and hacks. Last month, a popular streamer Dr. Disrespect was also banned for a short period for killing a teammate during the livestream.

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What’s your take in the matter?

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