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Famous Gangster Movie Scarface This Time Recreated As 8-Bit Video Game

Famous Gangster Movie Scarface This Time Recreated As 8-Bit Video Game

After film critic Leonard Maltin wrote his scathing review of the film Scarface in 1983, he returned back again with an addendum that expressed just how amazed he was that the “skewed American dream” movie, famous for its gory violence and also vulgar dialect, grew to become a cult standard.

Maltin must also be astonished that Scarface has triggered off 2 sequels in the form of video game titles in 2006.

This has been 9 years since the Scarface franchise launched a 3rd video game, therefore CineFix, a well known YouTube channel, preferred it’s time to fill in the nine-year-old gaping with its very own rendition of exactly what Scarface would go through if it were created into a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System ( NES ).

CineFix is perfectly recognized for its 8-Bit Cinema series of three-minute video renditions of prominent movies like The Hobbit, Godzilla, and also Sin City would have appeared like as games.

CineFix’s version of Scarface is a side-scrolling battle video game full of pixelated tributes to the Brian De Palma classic, which includes referrals to interesting instances like the savage dismemberment scene, “Say hello to my little friend,” along with the scene exactly where Al Pacino’s Tony Montana attempted to seduce his boss’s girlfriend, performed by Michelle Pfeiffer, with his tongue.

Obviously, the game isn’t very dependable to the movie and seems to be absolutely dissimilar to what CineFix imagines. Scarface : The World is Yours by Sierra Entertainment, now Vivendi Universal, debuted for the PlayStation two, Xbox 360 console, and also PC in July 2006 and for the Wii in May 2007. The video game picks up from wherein the film left off, however Tony Montana isn’t dead. Rather, he kills his assassin and also plots to recuperate the enormous drug business he wasted due to his addiction to cocaine.

During its launch , the game appealed a value of $40 for PC and $50 for the PS 2 and also Xbox 360 consoles. There was additionally the choice of buying a Collector’s Edition, which bundled a map of the in-game world, a metal case, along with a behind-the-scenes documentary. On Amazon, Scarface : The World is Yours, submitted by Vivendi Universal , will cost you somewhere from $9 to $15. But, the last left copy of the video game for the Xbox 360 is $110.

During 2006, the game was picked up good enough that it motivated another Scarface video game . Nevertheless, Scarface : Money, Power, Respect, garnered blended to negative feedbacks and failed to have as much compliments as Scarface : The World is Yours.