When Bethesda presented the teaser trailer of Fallout 76, we all assumed that it would be a new delivery clinging to the same formula that gave so much success to the franchise in recent years: a kind of spin-off New Vegas style, but within the same standards. Now, according to information revealed by the Kotaku site, it seems that we could be very wrong, since this new Fallout could point to another type of genre.

According to the prestigious news site, three of its anonymous informants (related to the project) assure that Fallout 76 will be more in line with survival with resource management and construction, strongly inspired by the concepts of Rust and DayZ.

They talk about an experimental game, which was initially developed as an individual section for online multiplayer of Fallout 4, and that finally ended up evolving into a title with its own personality during the last two years. It will have quests and a story, like any other Bethesda Game Studios title, but the gameplay will turn slightly in another direction in a persistent online world.

One of the informant sources ensures that, despite having strong foundations on the aforementioned gameplay style, Fallout 76 will also work as a service in constant change, so it will not take too long to start receiving new features and much more content. than the one that will be offered at the launch.

Those who have played the previous titles will remember that vault 76 has been mentioned as one of the containers that were to be opened only 20 years after the devastation, so a much less civilized scenario can be expected, in contrast to what happened in Fallout 3 and 4, which occurs 200 years after the cataclysm, and therefore, humanity has had more time to recover.

According to Kotaku account, Fallout 76 is being developed by the main studio in Maryland, where Skyrim and Fallout 4 were created, but it is also assisted by the new developer branch recently opened in Austin, Texas. Bethesda Austin is the result of the acquisition of the BattleCry studio, recognized for their work in online development for that ill-fated title.

As expected, the publisher has refused to comment on all this information, so we will have to wait for the convention of E3 where Todd Howard will probably take the stage to talk in detail about all these developments.

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