No doubt Bethesda is working on so many titles this time and one of them is Fallout 76. The game was announced a few weeks ago and during E3, developers revealed the gameplay trailer along with plenty of details regarding the game.

A documentary was published by Noclip showcasing game’s development which also explained a lot of features and new information about Fallout 76 such as online number of players, crafting, mods, survival mode and much more. As per the details, the developers are aiming for 24 to 32 players server support,while players can group up for the time being and explore the events occurred as well as their surroundings.

The game will comprise of survival elements, that is, the players will have to eat and drink for their survival and some specific areas will posses threat for the players because of monstrous creatures. While just like the previous Fallout games, it will feature player mutation, a result when players absorb excess amount of radiation.

Here’s the Noclip’s documentary;

As the series fans are familiar with mutation, these will unlock certain traits which will definitely affect the gameplay and have advantages and disadvantages as well. However, these will not be permanent and can be cured as well. While talking about the post launch content, the developers have promised free DLCs for the game in the coming years (which is indeed a positive sign).

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Some information of the game’s microtransactions was also revealed. According to Bethesda, these will be cosmetic and all the purchaseable cosmetics will be completely obtainable through the gameplay. The studio believes that this is the crucial step for maintaining dedicated servers and keeping the DLCs free. The free DLCs will provided for regular and small contents, i.e., items and events.

The game is due for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 14th, 2018. Stay tuned for more updates!

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