Since the announcement of Fallout 4 we have waited for a very long time. Once it happened, however, that further information related to this title appearing extremely regularly.

Presentation of the game caused a lot of comments, many of them focused on the graphic of the new title. It is impossible to deny that Fallout 4 will bring a graphical boost of a slightly richer color, which was not present in the Fallout 3.

Why it was decided on such a conspicuous change? Todd Howard from the Bethesda studio   explained it quite simply. It turns out that the creators did not want to again serve the players, as stated, depressive graphics.

“Looking back on Fallout 3, there is such a fixture that if you play on an eight-hour stretch you get the impression that everything is a little depressing.”

The question is whether the graphics in Fallout 3 really deserves to define it as a depressive? You might as well appraise her as guaranteeing the original atmosphere.

After you tell which option to? Below we have a reminder trailer of Fallout 4.