A few days ago, Bethesda has released a beta patch for the PC version of Fallout 4, further to correct a lot of errors in gameplay, quests and also implements sole package of NVIDIA Gameworks as emblematic HBAO +, a new effect of debris resulting from the projectiles of weapons.

Fallout 4 – Patch 1.3.45 Beta adds NVIDIA Gameworks effects; Demonstration Videos

Below we have two videos that show the new graphics implementations mentioned:

In addition to the above, the update 1.3.45 improves performance by looking through a scope, and also includes improvements in memory and overall stability. We leave the full changelog below:

New features:

  • New ambient occlusion settings, HBAO +.
  • New effects for weapons debris (NVIDIA cards only).
  • Added status menu to the settlers in their settlements.
  • Added the ability to rotate an object put up your hands and change its rotation axis.
  • Improved support ESDF keys while in the workshop.

Correction of the game:

  • Improvements in the general memory and stability.
  • Improves performance when viewed with a peephole.
  • Fixed issue where a player could teleport to where apuntase.
  • The partners can no longer get stuck by radiation poisoning.
  • It fixed an issue where the residents of Vault 87 could not be dismembered correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the third person to go out sometimes craftsmanship mode.
  • It fixed an issue where subtitles are not updated correctly sometimes.
  • The effects when a fellow desequipas objects disappear correctly.
  • The ability to MacReady’s Killshot now calculates the percentage of headshots correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain NPCs get stuck to the mega-armor.
  • Fixed a rare issue where colleagues get stuck in low states.
  • The second range Aquaboy now calculated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the resistance does not reduce the damage properly.
  • Number of characters enabled by changing the name of an item.
  • Fixed an issue where players were being dismembered alive.
  • Robotics expert can now be used in combat.
  • Stimpacks can now be used in Curie after transformation.
  • Play a hologram in the desert not far blurs the player’s screen or leave it blocked.

Corrections adventures:

  • It fixed a problem with the storming of the Independence, where the Minutemen left the battle against Queen Mirelurk not met in the Castle.
  • It fixed an issue where characters invulnerable get stuck in combat.
  • It fixed an issue where Preston send the player to an agreement instead of a dungeon, as part of the Minutemen adventure.
  • It fixed an issue where the synthesizers could attack the castle while the player was a friend of the Institute.
  • It fixed an issue where killing a caravan would leave an open search.
  • It fixed an issue where Dogmeat would stay in Fort Hagen after completing Reunions.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could not speak with Desdemona to complete Underground Undercover.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could get stuck out cryo pod.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could not get Preston as a companion.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could not kill the leaders of the railway in The End of the Line.
  • It has solved a problem with inadequately Minutemen repeated missions.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could not return to the seat rail after being expelled from the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • It fixed an issue where Hancock may not be your partner or may not help in Silver Shroud.
  • It has solved a problem with obtaining the damping rolls from Saugus Ironworks before going to Yangtze.
  • It fixed an issue where the player could not enter the shelter 114 during UNLIKE Valentine.
  • In Confidence Man, Bull and Gouger can now be killed.
  • Fixed an issue where radio Making Independence could not be turned on from the beginning of the adventure.
  • It fixed an issue where Human error could not be completed in full to kill Dan.

Correction of the workshop:

  • It fixed a bug that could cause counts settlers displayed incorrectly.
  • It fixed an issue that could prevent the player would create a supply line in settlements with high population.
  • Improvements broken pieces together while you are in the workshop mode.
  • It fixed an issue where the driven elements stop working permanently if its power supply was withdrawn.
  • The player can now build workbenches at his home in Diamond City.
  • Building wire no longer use more copper.
  • Fixed an issue where the attacks of settlements would be generated correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in the calculation of the happiness of the population of a settlement.
  • Settlers assigned to the weapons will now standing next to them.
  • Diamond City house now always show their power.
  • Repair objects now consume no resources inappropriately.
  • It fixed an issue where colleagues would ignore commands in the workshops.
  • It fixed an issue where destroyed crops appear to save and reload.

To download the BETA version should do the following:

  1. Log on Steam.
  2. Right click on Fallout 4 in its library.
  3. Select  “Settings” .
  4. Select “betas” .
  5. A dropdown menu appears where you select  “update beta” .
  6. select  “OK” .
  7. Wait a few minutes until Fallout 4 update.
  8. When the process is finished, Fallout 4 should appear as  “Fallout 4 [beta]” in your library.

To undo the update, you only need to re-follow steps 1-4 as you leave the dropdown menu, select “none” .

Finally, we inform you about new mod for the game that can transform the desert landscape of Boston into something more colorful, thanks to the availability of 4 seasons (Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter) that include in Fallout 4 Seasons offers. The mod can be downloaded through Nexus.

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