Nuka World, the forthcoming DLC for the famous role-playing game Fallout 4 was revealed last month during E3 by Bethesda.

Lately, it has been confirmed by the studio that the new DLC named Nuka World will the last expansion pack coming for the Fallout 4. The news was confirmed by Pete Hines, Vice President of Marketing from his Twitter account while replying to a follower who asked about the future DLCs for the game.

The final DLC was set for release in August which will give players a chance to explore a different world. Nuka World the DLC is followed by Contraptions Workshop DLC, which added several kits, such as greenhouse, warehouse and fireworks and much more to the game.

While there’s another DLC will come this month before the Nuka World named as the Vault-Tec Workshop. The expansion pack will allow players to create their Vault, which will help in attracting new dwellers. It will give the tools and rest is up to the players how they use it.

While in the Nuka World DLC, players will take a trip of a very big amusement park and park zones. Players will be able to lead the local gangs of Raids and conquer the areas on commonwealth. It will also feature more weapons, quests, creatures and much more.

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