The new edition of Fallout has been accepted with open arms by many players after seeing lots of news about the game. But the problem is that still no official announcement has been made and it seems like you will not be able to see anything from official for a long time.

Previously, there were lots of rumors that at Friday’s gala The Game Awards 2014 or soon Bethesda will be presented Fallout 4. Unfortunately, you do not have to wait for that day as the producer officially denied such revelations.

Fallout 4 not for Now – Bethesda denies recent Rumors


On Official Twitter account of Bethesda they denied rumors and said that “We’re not Showing anything at Game Awards”. But their representatives will be on The Game Awards 2014 in order to support their companions Machine Games team, which worked very fruitfully with Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Once again, all we keep our fingers crossed for the fact that Fallout 4 will be officially announced soon, however. The only question is how long we will have to wait on similar hopes?.