Since two days ago we have seen a lot of leaked screenshots of Fallout 4  for its version of the PlayStation 4, somewhat noteworthy. But now we have the leaked gameplay of videos captured from the Xbox One showcasing more in line with what should we expect in terms of graphic quality, which is more than right for a title of this kind. Remember that the game will be officially launched on November 10th, and after its release, we can compare graphics of the game in its different platform. A possible 360 and PS3 version were likely in development, but it has been mentioned that they were cancelled.

If you don’t care about spoilers, well, go ahead and go.


Gameplay Video 1

Gameplay Video 2

Gameplay Video 3

Gameplay Video 4 

General lighting is well above the level of the previous games that use the same engine, but it is worth seeing as it has weak points as in other things.

According to rumor, Fallout 4 will use NVIDIA GameWorks. These technologies will include ambient occlusion, HBAO + to shadowing and lighting effects. It is not yet clear whether the green technologies will be available in the Fallout 4 for the premiere, or will be made available at a later patch.

via: Eurogamer

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