It seems like, there is most likely nothing stopping the leaks as of right now. A couple of days ago we have shared the gameplay screenshots and gameplay videos of the console version of Fallout 4. But today we have a new leaked set of PC version gameplay screenshots with PC graphics settings.

Fallout 4 – First PC Gameplay Screenshots and Graphics Options


According to user RoboPlato, forums of NeoGAF, these images have been captured with an i7 CPU, accompanied by a GeForce GTX970, although he hasn’t specified too many. Screenshots are from the early stages of the game, and fortunately, appears to be a substantial difference with the version of the Playstation 4 we saw a few days ago.

We found a higher resolution textures, although not on a par with the most graphically demanding games, correspond to the standards of open world games. The lighting seems to be more accurate and is accompanied by a very detailed ambient occlusion– which makes us suspect that the game using libraries of NVIDIA Gameworks-. Where still it is falling short in texture filtering, which a few meters away starts to wear off, detail levels seem to be activated within walking distance, showing very low topology models.

We repeat our skepticism about the veracity of these images. Remember the capabilities of this graphics engine that has delivered experiences as Skyrim, and it is very suspicious that, the game will be limited to 1080p on the PC platform.

In addition to the catch, an anonymous reader of the site Dark  Side of Gaming shared shots of the graphics options of the game, where we note that no traces of the precious effects of NVIDIA Gameworks, which is suspected included in the game.

The rest of the advanced settings seem pretty simple, but has some interesting and modern effects like Screen Space Reflections (based reflections on the screen), Textures, Shadows, Shadows Distance, Decals, Lighting, Godrays, Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion and Rain Occlusion.

Fallout 4 will release on November 10th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.












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