Mark Zuckerberg team is aware of the fact that the Facebook search engine is still not most accurate. One of its main drawbacks is that you can not use it to find specific posts from the past. Fortunately, soon – in fact official portal is starting to introduce a new version of this tool.

Facebook Now Lets You Search For Specific Posts


So far, we are interested to find the post, we were forced to scroll the timeline (sometimes extremely “littered”). Now everything can be found through a search engine Graph. Just type, for example, “Anne beach vacation”, “Jessica wedding” and displays all matching entries.

The new search tool will operate according to the current privacy policy. Therefore, we will not see posts that are not publicly available (or for you). 

For now, search engine uses a very simple algorithm. This means that found posts are selected based on the words contained therein. If any of the words contained in the query in that post – you will find it. 

Source: Facebook