Users of the social networking site Facebook, who use a device with Windows 10 can now download a new version of the application, version 10.2.1. The new release introduces a lot of changes to the user interface and added some new features.

Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile – big changes


Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile version 10.2.1 adds support Continuum functions, through which it is possible to use your smartphone or tablet as a desktop computer, when connected to a larger display (eg. A monitor or TV) via mouse and keyboard.

The most important changes and new features in the new version of the Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile include:

  • Redesigned for Windows 10
  • Improved user interface for large displays
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved photo browsing function
  • Improved playback and display of embedded video files
  • Support functions Continuum
  • Storyteller service
  • Improved location
  • Support more languages
  • Service Account Manager SSO Network

The Facebook for Windows Mobile 10 is available in store Windows Store.

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