In case you’re active on local Facebook groups, its presumable that you’ve experienced posts from individuals attempting on to sale their 2nd hand products. It would seem that Facebook has likewise discovered a use case for a new “sell” option for groups.

 Facebook Adding Sell Goods Option In Groups

As indicated by a report by The Next Web, a few clients have reported seeing a “Sell Something” left to the “Write Post” option while posting in a group of Facebook.

Clicking on the button, a structure shows up with the fields for adding data identified with the name of the thing, cost and depiction, alongside an alternative to append a picture and pickup & shipping guidelines.

The post shows up as a classified post with all the points of interest however Facebook doesn’t encourage the exchange or add ways of payments.

Facebook Adding Sell Goods Option In Groups

Affirming the move to the online publication, Facebook recognized that it was trying another new option inside Facebook Groups to help individuals better compose posts about things they’d like to offer to other individuals on Facebook. The social networking goliath has likewise put a link to a help page where it clarifies that its not responsible for the buying/selling stuff.