Lionhead Studios announced that its new multiplayer spin-off of the Fable series will be free-to-play on PC and Xbox One, with the possibility of playing between both platforms. Fable Legends submit a story with several missions at launch, while additional episodic content will be released in every couple of months.

Similar to Killer Instinct and other MOBAs, Fable Legends present characters (four in this case) that will rotate every two weeks. If we continue to use a particular character, we have to wait to re-rotate or buy it, but it’s good to know that the experience points and equipment remain intact in the account.

Fable Legends include two methods of payments: currency within which we can begin to acquire through quests, or actual silver. Will not pay for any content of gameplay, but there will be an option for cosmetic items, which makes sense within the model free-to-play.

Fable Legends will be exclusive to Windows 10 and submit cross-play with Xbox One.


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