Fable Legends is one of the most anticipated game not for its wonderful features of RPG, but cooperative online and it is also one of the first triple-A games that will make full use of the Microsoft new API in games, DirectX 12.

Several specialized sites have managed to get their hands on the deterministic benchmark of the game to present, and have squeezed to analyze the behavior of several GPUs in the current market.

Fable Legends – First results of benchmarks in DirectX 12


According to Anandtech tests, Fable Legends is dependent on the use of GPU, climbing in the same way in all Intel CPUs, which has been tested.

fable-legend-benchmark-4 fable-legend-benchmark-3 fable-legend-benchmark-2 fable-legend-benchmark-1 fable-legend-benchmark fable-legend-benchmark-5

The absence of benefits over high-end CPU puts some doubt on the quality of the test, since it is expected that this new API to make full use of the resources of each system, relying on CPUs and GPUs released to obtain a higher performance, particularly in this case, which uses asynchronous shader computations.

Note that these benchmarks are based on the beta version of Fable Lengends and it is likely developers will implement more features of Unreal Engine 4 on this game.

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