Stuart Whyte, director of Lionhead Studios, revealed that his team is happy to develop Fable Legends under the DirectX 12 API, which makes this game up to 40 percent faster compared to the DirectX 11 API being the best thing that this performance improvement not only applies to the PC version, but also for the Xbox One console, which will also help to raise the graph bar relative to other parts of the platform without decreasing the frame rate per second.

Fable Legends: DirectX 12 improved 40% performance

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According to Whyte, anything that helps to improve visual quality in a game will be loved by developers and even more by the players. Using the new Microsoft DirectX technology, the development team was able to achieve “a significant amount of horsepower resulting in increased visual fidelity, higher frame rate, and improved shadows and effects”.

Whyte added that, depending on the graphics card used, improved performance was achieved ” up to 40% ” compared to the cast for the same hardware running under the API DirectX 11 performance.

Fable Legends will be exclusive to Windows 10 and submit cross-play with Xbox One.

Via: WCCFtech

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