It’s high time when we walk along with the advanced technology. Microsoft has been pushing the edge with its impeccable measures to bring you to the latest operating system. Yes, Windows 10 have arrived and has created a successful buzz among users. Whether you are working from home or office, you can’t work without using a Windows computer. Almost in every school, library, and university, you can find Microsoft running on windows. Whether you are an experienced Window’s handler or a newbie, we have you covered with our incredible tips and tricks.

We understand while using a new operating system can sometimes become overwhelming, but as computers are a necessity, you also need to get acquainted with its latest versions. And if you are already using Windows 10 computer, you can now explore some new advanced games at NetBet.

Check out the innovative tips you must know before using Windows 10.

Quick Access 

If you are someone, who ends up opening multiple windows on your screen, you will like this trick. After upgrading to Windows 10, you will find a small silver button on the bottom. The silver button is located on the right side of the notification icon. Once you click on that button, the computer will immediately direct you to the desktop. With such quick access, using Windows 10, you can also play a wide range of fascinating games at NetBet Sport, where you can have a thrilling gaming experience. 

Use Cortana 

Unlike Google Now or Siri, Windows 10 has also invented its own digital assistance for responding to a human’s voice. Cortana allows you to control everything you want it to know, then pops up all the to-do lists, reminders and displays data of your interest on the screen. It also listens to key phrases like Google Now and Siri. However, to make it work, you need to activate it by clicking on the search box of Windows 10 that involves you granting permission to use the mic, your location, emails, contacts, messages, and browser history. 

Unique Start Menu 

The start menu of Windows 10 is unique, versatile, and classic. You can find a button on the bottom, located at the left corner of the screen. The start menu can be easily accessible and has a stylish look. When you click on the start menu, you will get a layout of every program you have recently used, short-cuts to file explorer, get easy access to power options, and all the computer settings. You can also change the appearance after right-clicking on the icon. 

Easy Sharing 

Imagine sharing photos, videos, and other documents becomes easy. Yes, with Window 10, sharing or viewing documents with anyone close to you or at the office becomes super convenient. It is as simple as you using Apple’s AirDrop and has a nearby sharing application to share things. Are you wondering how to use it? Click on the Share button located or visible at the top of the image or document where you get to see a panel. It will show an option like “nearby sharing” to share with someone nearby you.

Programs that Slow You Down 

If your computer works slowly, it will immediately affect your productivity at work. You may feel stuck while loading a single page and get stressed to finish the deadline. However, to work effectively, you need to know what is slowing your computer down. And for this, you should click and open the task manager then the processes tab. After clicking on the processes tab, you can find all the background processes and applications running. You can also check how much memory, CPU, network resource, and other apps are using.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that is super easy to use and can support streamlining your office and home.

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