A few days ago, NVIDIA has announced that it has been working with Turtle Rock Studios to add features NVIDIA Gameworks to Evolve, although not specifically green team unveiled graphic options which are to be added. Besides TXAA already present in the game, so most probably we will see those common effects of NVIDIA which has been recently added in Ubisoft games such as SoftShadows, HBAO + and Nvidia Godrays. Perhaps Hairworks for Goliath and Daisy?

“We have been working with 2K and Turtle Rock Studios to make Evolve look even better on the PC. The game looks amazing in 4K resolution and works perfect with Nvidia DSR, and also can be transmitted to SHIELD Nvidia device. Nvidia will implement features Gameworks soon. “

Meanwhile, we continue to expect the Tessellation patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity. Probably Ubisoft has abandoned this feature which looked very promising.

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