After leaked through Reddit, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks announced the continuation of The Evil Within, scheduled for October 13 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The Evil Within 2 Announced: First Details; Screenshots and Trailer

In this second installment starring again by Detective Sebastian Castellanos, we will be given an opportunity to save his daughter. Players must enter a world full of nightmares and discover the dark origins of a place that at one time was an idyllic village.

The Shinji Mikami and the prodigious team of Tango Gameworks get to take a step beyond the acclaimed franchise in The Evil Within 2, thanks to its exceptional blend of psychological emotion and authentic survival horror.

Detective Sebastian Castellanos lost everything, including his daughter Lily. To save her, he is forced to associate with Mobius, the turbulent organization responsible for the destruction. Sebastian must descend to one of his terrible creations, the disturbing world of the Union. Terrible threats await around every corner and you must rely on your wits to survive. To redeem oneself, to penetrate will be its only exit.

  • A STORY OF REDEMPTION: Sebastian must descend in the nightmare to regain his life and his family.
  • DISCOVER PLACES: Explore as much or as fast as you want for a world where nothing is as it seems, but be prepared well.
  • CHOOSE HOW TO SURVIVE: Attack from the shadows with the crossbow, run as fast as you can or shoot yourself, although the ammunition is very limited.
  • ENCOUNTER DISTURBING ENEMIES: Survive encounters with sadistic enemies and meet characters who could guide you on your path to redemption, or turn away from it.
  • VISCERAL HORROR AND SUSPENSION: Enter a twisted world that will give you panic shivers with the disturbing horrors that await you in every corner.
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