[RUMOR] According to the latest rumors, the largest Premium partner of NVIDIA would join the AMD bandwagon this year. The computer industry speculates the possibility that EVGA would partner with AMD to manufacture and sale various AMD Radeon graphics cards in the coming years.

EVGA Would Join AMD This Year, Thanks To VEGA

This particular rumor comes from bitsandchips, a source which has proved to be reliable in recent months. As an example, they put XFX, Premium manufacturer who abandoned NVIDIA in 2010 in favor of AMD because NVIDIA treated XFX like a 2nd tier company despite being XFX was one of the higher level partner.

Currently EVGA situation is similar to XFX, this means that EVGA has access to a low amount of GeForce GTX 1070 / GTX 1080 graphics card, because of this, its custom graphics came later compared to other rivals in the market. Also NVIDIA is taking high profit margins with its new initiative to sell GeForce GTX TITAN X Pascal through its official website.

EVGA from start considered as the best partner of NVIDIA before the arrival of the GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards, but now NVIDIA is hurting its marketing strategy. Now AMD VEGA added more than enough hype for EVGA to see a vein of gold, because lots of AIB partners of AMD are expecting a higher performance in lower price.

Obviously, there is nothing confirmed, but with the background of XFX, one of the best AIB partners of NVIDIA at that time, everything is possible. XFX has done quite well working exclusively for AMD, especially with the new Polaris graphics cards, so EVGA should consider this as a little risk.

UPDATE: EVGA has officially denied this rumor via Twitter.

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