EVGA has always been a Premium partner of Intel and Nvidia, but at least when it comes to motherboards things will change shortly, because the company has announced on its social networks that its EVGA DARK series of motherboards will be available for AMD Ryzen processors.

The news does not really surprise us, considering the growing popularity of AMD Ryzen processors or maybe who also knows if company had some kind of exclusive agreement with Intel and it expired this year, anyway, EVGA will now manufacture motherboards for both sides, including new motherboards for Intel Alder Lake processors, which will be a very revolutionary platform by debuting the design of a hybrid CPU, DDR5 RAM and PCI-Express 5.0 interface.

What we can expect from EVGA is at least an EVGA X570 DARK, a high-end model designed for demanding gamers and overclockers thanks to its powerful VRM. For now it is unknown when the announcement will be made official, so in the next few days, or weeks, we should have more information.

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