EVGA shows its own Custom public version of the Maxwell GM200 GPU core based GTX 980 Ti Classified Kingpin Edition. According to the company, the graphics card is for players who wants to touch the limits in Overclocking and master Overclocker Kingpin personally designed it, the card is featuring high dimensional PCB, powered through two 6pin and one 8pin power connector, and uses 15 phase power design, allowing the player to do hardcore Overclocking without any pressure.

EVGA Unveils GTX 980 Ti Classified Kingpin Edition


In addition the card is also featuring more than four RGB colors, lighting in order to give it a good look and also you can match it with your build. The colors are adjustable by the user, but for me they are quite cool and light not too bright. The card uses aluminum radiator, more than 6-8 copper heat pipes and two large PWM 10cm fans in order to cool down the memory chips and the power section is cooled further, flat heat sink. Much of the central heatsink layout can be seen through the acrylic cut outs on the shroud.

The card has also a backplate on which there are lots of cut outs for voltage points. One thing which is coming as a shocker is the power delivery as you must have two 8-Pin connectors and a single 6-Pin connector in order to power this beast. They will ship it in single and dual slot brackets it is good for players who want to run it in SLI for good air flow. The card will be available in a few days still we don’t words on price.


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