After ASUS, EVGA has also followed what are the current trends in the enthusiast market, increasingly linked to the world of Modding and Overclocking, redesigning its line of SLI bridge.


EVGA SLI bridge in action

And ‘waned so the era of the classic ugly jumpers soft or rigid bundled with motherboards, since, who is willing to spend large sums to purchase EVGA top range for their configuration, maybe even at cooling them with Waterblock liquid through increasingly sophisticated and eye-catching, requires (rightly in our view) a particular care of the smallest details.

The new EVGA SLI BRIDGES PRO V2 are actually featuring great impact, as they are covered by an aluminum chassis and brushed optimized for gaming 4K and a refresh rate of the monitor up to 120Hz.  It is a pity that only works with the same cards from EVGA GeForce including GTX Titan, GTX 980, GTX 970 (some models only), GTX 960, GTX 780, GTX 780 and GTX 770 Ti (some models only).

Availability is planned for each type of setup NVIDIA SLI, specifically 2-Way (Short), 2-Way (standard), 3-Way and 4-Way.

The stylish logo LED in the center of the bridge lights on most video cards manufactured by EVGA, or at all GTX TITAN (even the new version X), all the GTX 980, GTX 970 some, all GTX 960, all GTX 780/780 Ti and even some GTX 770.

SLI bridges V2 PRO BRIDGE will go on sale soon, but I do not know yet how much they will cost (previous models cost $ 30).

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