EVGA introduces the improved super-super clocked  graphics card GeForce GTX 970. This time it’s a hard Overclocked version, which is equipped with a Copyright ACX 2.0 cooling solution.

This refers to the model GeForce GTX 970 SSC, lying between versions of SC and FTW. We still have to deal with Maxwell GM204 graphics processor with 1664 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR5 256 bit, but in this case the GPU clock speed was raised to 1190 MHz in standard mode and 1,342 MHz Boost 2.0 modes. Memory frequency remained unchanged at 7010 MHz.


In order to cool the PCB, Active Cooling Extreme 2.0 cooling solutions is doing a job. This design uses aluminum radiator, three copper heat pipes and two large fans and memory chips and the power section is cooled further, flat heat sink.

The manufacturer boasts that ACX 2.0 is quieter and more efficient than the reference cooler of NVIDIA. Another advantage is that up to 60 degrees Celsius fans will shut down, and at less stress on the card works completely silently.

Specifications of  EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0

  • Core: Maxwell GM204
  • Stream Processors: 1664
  • Core clock: 1190/1342 MHz
  • Video Memory: 4 GB GDDR5 256-bit
  • Memory clock speed: 7010 MHz
  • Power connectors: 6 + 8-pin
  • Video Output: DVI-I, HDMI 2.0, 3x DisplayPort 1.2
  • Cooling: ACX 2.0 (2-Slot)

The card is valued at $350, so it costs the same as a lower clocked version of the SC ACX 2.0.

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