In the field of high-end graphics card NVIDIA is with a huge lineup, but in terms of memory capacity, only Titan, Titan Black only offers 6GB. The 780,780 Ti has been limited to 3GB. In fact, 780 Ti was also prepared, but later on 6GB NVIDIA to cancel. But now, Sapphire has launched a memory of up to 8GB of R9 290X, NVIDIA therefore no longer sit still, authorize its partners EVGA shot back.

Sources said, EVGA will launch new 780 and 780 Ti, offer 6GB GDDR5 memory, but also a “Step-Up” Benefits: If you bought an EVGA 780 and 780Ti within 90 days before the release of new graphics card, you exchange it with the The new 6GB 780/780 Ti.

EVGA did not disclose specific details of two new large-capacity memory cards, but said the public version of the program is not used, but meeting its own radiator, but also consider the Kingpin Edition fever edition 780 Ti 6GB.

In fact, EVGA 780 6GB already leaked over the last year, ACX radiator, later NVIDIA to Bidiao, and now we came back up.
The expected price of Gtx 780 Gb is around $550, which is almost $50 more then the 3Gb one.

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