GeForce GTX Titan X is currently the most powerful single-Core graphics card available in the market, but there is nothing in the way to make it even faster – especially when you have skills of extreme Overclocking. Decided to use this opportunity Overclocker Vince Lucido set several new records in 3DMark.

Vince Lucido used the platform consisting of an Intel Core i7-5960X CPU, motherboard EVGA X99 FTW, 4x 4GB G. Skill Ripjaws 4,  EVGA GeForce GTX Titan X and EVGA NEX Supernova of 1500W PSU. In order to cool the processor and graphics card he used liquid nitrogen. There were also without modifying the graphics card, but has not yet revealed details on this subject.

Finally managed to get the card to work at a frequency of 2,000 MHz core and 8200 MHz for the video memory, which allowed to establish three new performance records24027 points in 3DMark Fire Strike, 11612 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and 6134 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra.

EVGA GeForce GTX Titan X Overclocked to over 2000 MHz

24k Single GPU Firestrike just a little over 2G
24k Single GPU Firestrike just a little over 2GHz
3dmark fire strike extreme Scores
3dmark fire strike extreme
EVGA GTX TITAN 2Ghz done, 6k++ Firestrike Ultra
EVGA GTX TITAN 2Ghz done, 6k++ Firestrike Ultra

For comparison, a standard clocked Titan X can achieve in these tests, respectively 15500, 7600 and 4000 points – so the increase in productivity reached 50-55%. Old records were 21534, 10459 and 5505 points (all established on the GeForce GTX 980).

Of course, this is not the end of the adventure of beating performance records on the Titan X.

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