Once in a while in computer games, nostalgia can be a terrible thing. Sequels ruin establishments, reboots tarnish recollections and year on year upgrades get stale.

Thankfully, Rockstar (the creator of GTA) realize that spin-offs shouldn’t come frequently. It took them five years to go from GTA IV to GTA V.

Rockstar is likely dealing with GTA VI as of now, keeping in mind we’re almost certain it’s not going to include sticking all the maps together to make one ginormous wrongdoing scene of heaven, one Reddit user decided to do that.

The internet has merged all GTA Maps into a huge one, and it’s genius


Make sure you click on the map picture to have a decent zoom in..

Yes, we let you know it was enormous. In case you’re still not getting the size of this thing, that is the entirity of the GTA V map on the base left corner of the photo there, taking up around 15% of the space. That theme reaches out over the guide, with keen eyes, seeing that Liberty City is up in the upper right, Vice City is on the base right and San Fierro is on the upper left.

It’s not just bridges between the four maps either, with a lot of desert, mountains and heaps of barren territories in the middle. Knowing GTA, there’d be various approaches to get over the entire thing, as well. Be that as it may, let’s be realistic – you’d need to leave your place of employment to finish it.

The main thing we don’t care for is the tremendous absence of snow, and North Yankton is the ideal fit for that. What a play area this would be.

Via: Reddit

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