The firm behind the DIY ergonomic key-board, the ErgoDox, has released it is going to be continue with plans to launch its hottest product, the ErgoDox EZ. As opposed to the majority of ergonomic keyboards, the ErgoDox is divided up right down the midpoint, which means that it is possible to place both your hands wherever on the computer desk without cramped wrists.

This design of keyboard has surged in attractiveness nowadays in the gaming scene, as several of the most trendy PC game titles require a strenuous number of key presses which can be really difficult ( and even in some cases completely un=achievable ) on the traditional QWERTY setup.



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Both the firmware as well as hardware on the ErgoDox is 100% open source, so that you can personalize it in any manner you wish to best fit your preferences on a day to day basis. Feel as though getting some work done, though wrists too stiff to make it to the top keys ? Move everything down one line in the software program, and type away.

Have dozens of different bindings bound to your character in World of Warcraft, however, can’t memorize all of them? The ErgoDox will make it handy to preserve your hot keys arranged to your very own choice, with several profiles saved on each unit you hook up to.

From a technical perspective the ErgoDox has been readily available for a while, but in its prior form it came in 160 various fragments, all of which have to be hand soldered with each other before you decide to had a functioning unit. The EZ versions resolves that issue. You can pre-order a pre-assembled ErgoDox EZ keyboard set now for $190 which includes key caps, or $180 if you wish to have your very own personalized unit for a fantastic gaming, video editing, or perhaps typing experience.


Image Courtesy: ErgoDox

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