If there’s one thing that gets gamers interested, it’s offering engaging titles for free. As gaming itself has become so expensive, be it on PC or any of the three leading home consoles, players will always jump at the opportunity to at least try new titles for free. 

As such, in their ongoing PC launcher war with Steam, Epic Games released a line of 12 free games across the Xmas period, starting on December 19 and concluding on the last day of the year. Steam is well-known as having a winter sale each year, so Epic Games decided to crank up the heat with games that are free to download. 

It’s a common practice across all gaming spaces, which should help the still relatively young PC platform attract new players. 

12 Days of Free Games with Epic

By now, all PC gaming fans know that when the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to go to Steam to see what big-name titles are on sale. Epic Games is hoping to throw a spanner in the works by not only hosting an Epic Games Store Holiday Sale of their own but by also offering 12 days of free games. It’s a huge event, and as each free game is revealed on each day, like a mini post-Xmas advent calendar, players have to keep coming back to the online store to see which games are now free. Not only does this mean that more players will sign up to Epic Games once they see a free game that they like, but it also increases the chances of them browsing the store and signing up to buy a different game, such as one of the exclusives. 

As Steam is such a dominant force, Epic Games has to indulge players with promotions of this type to try and gain an inch on the Valve-run titan. Ongoing free-to-play games like Fortnite and Dauntless help day to day, but as shown by other gaming platforms, free game events and offers can give a huge boost. 

Free Gaming Works Across the Board

Offering free stuff in general tends to win over many new potential customers, but in gaming, it has a special allure due to the potential longevity of the free offering. You can look at all forms of popular gaming to see a way in which platforms are offering free ways to play in the hopes that people get impressed and then stick around to play (and buy) more games.  The most obvious example due to how many platforms use the strategy is iGaming. Websites all over the world compete by offering free ways to play their games. For example, one of the biggest such providers offers nearly 8,000 free online slot games. People try these titles for free, find them to be enjoyable, and then pay to play later. Having the chance to try before you buy, so to speak, is a major selling point in this industry. 

It’s a little different on the home consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The two have been competing to get players to subscribe to their online gaming services for years, turning to offer monthly free games to subscribers. While you have to pay to get access to the free games with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, the tactic has proven to be effective due to the big-name releases that come and go each month. Yet, perhaps the most novel of the consoles in terms of free gaming is the Nintendo Switch. Not only is the Nintendo Online subscription far cheaper than PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, but it also offers an ever-increasing library of retro titles that are always available to subscribers as opposed to being free for a month and then going back to the store at full price. 

The Epic Games Store has deployed a tried-and-trusted tactic of winning over new players with the 12 days of free games alongside their holiday sale. It should prove to give the platform another boost as they aim to close the gap on Steam. 

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