After renewing its new reimbursement policy, similar to Steam, Epic Games announced that they have implemented (and will continue to improve) regional prices in a total of 130 countries across 30 regions.

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In some countries you can already see the reflected price in some of the titles, even if they are in dollars and not in the local currency.

Ashen previously cost $ 39.99, now $ 31.99 (in Brazil $ 21.99). Hades $19.99, now $6.99. Darksiders 3 interestingly, it costs $ 24.99, which is approximately the same price of Argentine Pesos on Steam. The Division 2 still costs $ 63 in Mexico and Argentina, but $ 43.20 in Brazil.

Epic will surely continue researching and comparing prices with Steam and the Uplay store (which does have regional prices in the local currency of several Latin American countries).

Apart from new regional level pricing, now you will have “unlimited refunds,” as long as you’re making your claim within 14 days of purchase (or 14 days from release on pre-orders) and have less than two hours played.