Nordic Games brought new screenshots and pre-alpha gameplay video (RCP presented it during the 2016 event) of ELEX, the new open world RPG developed by Piranha Bytes for PC and next-Gen consoles. ELEX offers a gaming experience full of action. The game takes place in a science fiction universe that puts players in a huge world full of original characters, mutant creatures, and moral choices, plus a lot of action.

ELEX – New Screenshots and Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video 

Piranha Bytes are the creators of the acclaimed series, Risen and Gothic, and ELEX seek to create an action role post-apocalyptic, in a universe of science and fantasy, which puts players in a huge world full of new characters, mutants, and large moral decisions.


  • A constant open world experience without barriers, and loading areas for exploration ultimate experience
  • A simulated game world where everything reacts to players’ actions and produces an authentic atmosphere
  • A highly interconnected mission system that allows real choices the player
  • A system and challenging tactical combat battles melee and distance
  • Set in a post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe that combines the most interesting aspects of all genres
  • Man vs. Machine: decide which path to choose; there is no right or correct answer in this decision.
  • 100% authentic: the artificial intelligence of the game will allow you to see everything that happens in the game is logical.
  • Jetpacks: allows a whole new dimension of movement and possibilities.


Berserker-in-Goliet Elex-Combat




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