Electronic Arts was one of the big industry studio that launched a game for the Nintendo SwitchFIFA 18, but now the company’s CFO, Blake Jorgensen has revealed to the Wall Street Journal that EA is not working on any new title or port for the Nintendo console.

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Everything indicates that the company is waiting to see how popular is its portable version of FIFA 18 to discover the potential of the portable console.

FIFA 18 came to the Nintendo Switch on September 29, but the studio didn’t reveal the data that how many copies have been sold, seems like a bad indication. A couple of days ago we announced that the Super Mario Odyssey reached 2 million copies sold in three days, and as we see, if the numbers are good the studios run to announce it, but if they are bad, better hide any data.

For now, we can at the very least enjoy FIFA 18, which is a solid soccer game in its own right, despite certain limitations with online play and some missing features.

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