Electronic Arts, Activision and Ubisoft are companies with excellence when it comes to cutting the main story of the game to collect more in the form of DLC and, unfortunately, it works, it works pretty well. Now we have the latest official results of the company, where has been revealed that the “Additional Content195 million dollars were reported in profit compared with 89 million dollars from direct sale of the game, or in another way, they earn 2X more money from the extra content than from full-length digital games..

Electronic Arts Makes More Than Twice money With DLC Than Full Games


Without going any further, we have the Star Wars: Battlefront, where the incomplete game cost you $59.95 euros, with a pair of DLC’s now up to  $69.95, and all the DLC’s and future expansions are going nothing less than $119.90, an atrocity. But seeing the data provided by the company, it is clear that if you treat them like fool users they will go as a lamb with money in hand to pay for something that should have already paid when they bought the game, fashions “Next Gen “.

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