EK Water Blocks announced the launch of high-performance All-in-One liquid Cooler, we are talking about the EK-AIO Elite 360 ​​D-RGB. This performance beast featuring 395 x 120 x 27mm-thickness aluminum radiator with 12 channels to improve thermal efficiency.

This radiator is cooled by means of three 120 mm EK-Vardar fans, but it comes with six fans (push-pull configuration) that rotate between 550 and 2200 RPM generating an air flow of up to 66.04 CFM with a static pressure of 2.89 mmH2O, giving noise of 36.4 dBA, and all this spiced up with an RGB lighting system.

The information of the EK Water Blocks EK-AIO Elite 360 ​​D-RGB is completed with a water pump made of steel with a block of copper and nickel that works at a maximum speed of 3300 RPM. It is compatible with Intel LGA1200, LGA20XX, LGA115X LGA sockets and AMD AM4 socket and comes with 5-year warranty.

It is available for pre-order directly through the EK Online Store with the estimated shipping date of November 30, 2020. The pre-orders are limited to 200 units only!