Intel has added eight new processors to its list for families of Broadwell and Skylake. You’ll find both structures for desktop and mobile devices. Interestingly, the list contains products with the new designation, which so far has not used. It is unfortunately clear what exactly it means.

Eight New Skylake and Broadwell Processors for desktops and notebooks


In the list of processors available, we find two models with Celeron series, one Core i3, three Core i5 and two Core i7. The first two units are Celeron and Celeron 3855U 3955U – the new dual-core low-voltage designs. Products differ only in the timing of the core. Next, we have systems i3-6098P Core and Core i5-6402P. In their case interesting is the letter “P” in the name, which probably suggests a lack of an integrated graphics chip.

There are four mobile processors: Core i5-5200DU, i5-6198DU, Core i7-5500DU and i7-6498DU. What is interesting in that all have exactly the same number of cores, operating frequency and amount of L3 cache structures, like the Core i5-5200U, i5-6200U, i7-5500U and i7-6500U. They will be ultra-low voltage models, and it is not clear what is the meaning of letter “D” in the name. Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t disclose what possible changes you can expect.

Full list of processors with specifications and price is below:

Model Cores / Threads Operating Frequency L3 cache Price
Celeron 3855U 2/2 1.6 GHz 2 MB $ 107
Celeron 3955U 2/2 2.0 GHz 2 MB $ 107
Core i3-6098P 2/4 3.6 GHz 3 MB $ 117
Core i5-6402P 4/4 2.8 GHz 6 MB $ 182
Core i5-5200DU 2/4 2.2 GHz 3 MB $ 281
Core i5-6198DU 2/4 2.3 GHz 3 MB $ 281
Core i7-5500DU 2/4 2.4 GHz 4 MB $ 393
Core i7-6498DU 2/4 2.5 GHz 4 MB $ 393
Source: CPU World
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