Microsoft certifications are widely known among IT professionals as they qualify you for the job of your dream or help to boost your career in IT. They bring you the perks that make you upgrade your skills and develop in the chosen domain. The badges they offer fall into different types by technology, level, or job role.

Among the most demanded Microsoft credentials is the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016, which requires three exams to be passed. In this post, we will give you detailed information about exam 70-742: Identity with Microsoft Server 2016 which should be taken along with 70-740 and Microsoft DP-200 98-366 AZ-301 MS-101 70-767 MS-202 98-349 70-480 MB-210 98-364 AWS PMP Exams Braindumps . Also, you’ll know where to find reliable preparation materials for this assessment. And at first, we’ll briefly discuss the role and purpose of the mentioned MCSA certification.

What is MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification?

As the name suggests, this credential serves as proof of an individual’s proficiency in different skill sets related toinstallation, storage, and networking with Windows Server and using its other features. Receiving this certification will qualify you for entry-level positions at organizations that operate their systems with Windows Server. Thus, you can work as a computer network specialist or a computer systems administrator.

The tests you have to pass to earn this MCSA badge are as follows:

  1. Exam 70-740/ Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
  2. Exam 70-741/ Networking with Windows Server 2016
  3. Exam 70-742/ Identity with Windows Server 2016

Now let’s dive into the topic at hand and go through all aspects of exam 70-742.

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Overview

Test 70-742 involves areas related to the identity functions of Windows Server 2016. All the topics covered by this exam are divided into five categories. We’ll explain each of these briefly below:

  1. Installing and Configuring AD DS

This topic covers objectives like installing and configuring domain controllers, creation and management of Active Directory users/computers, groups and organizational units (OU).

  1. AD DS Management and Maintenance

This sector includes the questions onthe configuration of service authentication and account policies, Active Directory maintenance and configuration in complex enterprise environments visit .

  1. Creating and Managing Group Policies

This domain is dedicated tocreating and managing the objects of Group Policy (GPO) as well asthe configuration of Group Policy processing, settings, and preferences.

  1. Implementation of Active Directory CS (Certificate Services)

Completing the tasks related to this area of the exam syllabus you’ll show your skills inthe installation and configuration of AD CS, and certificates management.

  1. Implementation of Identity Federation and Access Solutions

This topic covers installing and configuring Federation Services of Active Directory (AD FS), implementation of WAP, and installing and configuring Right Management Services of Active Directory.

Microsoft 70-742 Exam Details

Exam Pattern and Scores

The Microsoft 70-742 test contains from 40 to 60 items of different types which you need to complete within 120 minutes. The total score for the exam is 1000 marks and to pass it, you should achieve a number of points of 700. And before registering for this assessment you’ll pay a fee of $165 first. 

Scheduling Exam Dates

You can schedule the exam date onMicrosoft’s official site, but you’ll be required to sign in with a Microsoft, Skype, or Outlook account. Make sure to create a profileon any of these platforms before applying for the test.

Tips for Passing 70-742 Exam

Let’s take a look at some effective preparation tips and strategies that will help you to clear 70-742 exam. These tips are not specific to any particular subject or topic but can be applied efficiently for all three tests for your MCSA certification.

  1. Self-study vs. Guided Preparation

The first step of preparation is to decide what format of studies you will choose. For example, self-studying is suitable for you if:

  • You have sound knowledge of core IT concepts.
  • You don’t have problems with grasping information on your own.
  • You can’t join preparation courses due to tight schedule or financial limitations.

But if you don’t have any financial issues and you feel like you need the guidance of an expert, then it’s best to join any reputed preparation course.

  1. Breaking down the syllabus with deadlines

One of the most important aspects of preparing for this exam is to make a timeline and a study plan. Break down the syllabus into smaller parts and assign each of them with a certain amount of days depending on how much time you have to prepare for the test.

There are many benefits of such an organized approach for the preparation. It will help you to manage time efficiently, ensure that you cover all the topics and nothing is left out, and reduce the pressure of studying.

  1. Get involved in practical applications

The topics covered by Windows Server 2016 certification are based on real-world, practical applications. No number of books and study materials can give you proper clarity of the concepts as long as you don’t implement them practically. 

To do so, you will require access to certain systems that are operated by Windows Server 2016, take hands-on labs or use exam dumps to gain practical experience. So, it is something you must manage at all costs if you seriously want to clear the exam and obtain the certification.

Prepare for Exam 70-742 with Materials

The concepts involved in 70-742 exam are difficult and the passing score of 70% is also very high. So, clearing the test will certainly require excellent preparation. However, if you want to improve your performance, you have to utilize the best and up-to-date materials, guides, and resources.

At, you will find the most relevant study materials which are the latest exam dumps. They include hundreds of practice questions and answers gathered by successful test-takers. The dumps are carefully designed as per the exam pattern, which provides you a hands-on experience of the actual exam.

From this website, you can get a Premium Bundle ($59,99) which contains 267 tasks with explanations, 76 lectures, and a study guide containing 1639 pages of information. In addition, there are plenty of free ete files to download which further boost the exam preparation. To open these dumps, you need the ETE Exam Simulator. This tool will make you familiar with the exam content and structure as well as bring you the feeling of taking a real test.


The Microsoft 70-742 exam is not as easy as it may seem so it is necessary to prepare thoroughly for it. We recommend you to make the best use of various study materials including exam dumps. The resources provided a will improve the efficiency of your studies and help you to clear your test in a single attempt. Now you have all the general information, so it’s time to schedule your exam and begin your certification journey!