Person to person communication site Facebook has raised subsidizes over $10 million inside two days to bolster tremor torn Nepal.

Earth Quake in Nepal Facebook users donated $10 million and additional $2 million by Facebook too:

The Himalayan country was shaken by a monstrous earthquake of intensity 7.9 on Richter Scale on April 25 which left more than 6,000 dead and harmed more than 10,000.

“We gave people the option on Facebook to support local relief efforts. In two days, more than half a million people donated and raised more than $10 million to support the International Media Corps relief effort,” in  a status posted by CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

“Facebook will donate an additional $2 million to local recovery efforts to help those in affected areas.”

The well known social networking site FB had additionally enacted an additional safety feature where more than seven million individuals in Nepal have been stamped as save.

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The Facebook CEO has additionally expressed that it is moving to see groups meeting up to help individuals in their time of need.

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