It was previously confirmed that the Battlefield 5 is scheduled for Q3 of 2016 but as per few reports, it seems that the EA might reveal Battlefield 5 at this E3 event between June 16-18. It is being said that EA will announced quite a number of games as well as the sequels. But as per Shinobi602, EA will confirm “3 unannounced EA games, one of which is a new IP“.

The game was confirmed in 2013 by produced Patrick Bach in an interview. He said that the game will have “More features. More extras. More destruction“. He further stated, “Every new game needs to be the next big thing. The story is just the coating on the game, the game is now the experience of playing it.” as reported by Gamespot.

It was also confirmed that the new Battlefield will be a military based FPS game just like previous games in the Battlefield franchise, except Battlefield Hardline, which was more of cops vs criminals.

It is also possible that EA might tease BF fans and not unveil the expected Battlefield 5 as it is currently focusing on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront. This will be cleared by next week during E3 event. Stay tuned for more updates!