It seems that the ESRB body – the one that qualifies the games for different ages – did not know about the date of revelation and let the record of Unravel 2 escape.

In the database you can see that it will be available for new generation consoles and PC, with an “E” rating (for the whole family).

The description reads: Unravel 2 “is a side scrolling platform where players control a pair of fantastic creatures called Yarnys, navigating the environments. Players will cross platforms and avoid dangers when swinging with wool ties; some areas contain animals that chase / threaten the player’s characters. The Yarnys are defeated when they are eaten by a fish, caught by birds, crushed by debris, or trodden by cars. “

The description does not take it too far from what we have already experienced in the first game, but surely present some new mechanics to differentiate it (description hints at some sort of co-op too). It will also be interesting to see if the game uses an improved version of the Frostbyte engine, as Battlefield 5 will. This afternoon we will find out.

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