Techland has released the promised free development tools for acclaimed Dying Light. The modders can install the Developer tools and take the place of game designers, where they can create their own quarantine zones, own stories and play with different situations of this apocalyptic universe.

“The launch of Dying Light has already exceeded by an incredible positive response from players around the world. In its fascination, many PC gamers have already created mods to alter and improve the game. In Techland want to see more! As a sandbox game, Dying Light is perfect for modding material. That is why we are currently working on a deep and free set of tools for modding the game. And we want players to tell us what they would like to see.

In addition to creating freely, these new tools are contained within the system of Steam Workshop, where each creator may freely distribute your new content. Techland is preparing a video guide of six parts, where the basics of the toolkit will be analyzed.

Download the Developer Tools is now available through the “Tools” menu in Steam. The study plans to continue with updates on new features and elements to encourage the long-term development.

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