Techland announces the release of the first downloadable content for the acclaimed Dying Light, under the title “Bozak Horde“, with departure for next May 26.

Dying Light – Bozak Horde DLC will arrive on May 26


This is a new game mode that allows players to enter the stadium of Harran to engage in a series of challenges twisted psychopath prepared by Bozak.

Specially designed as a cooperative way, this great addition to the world of Dying Light offer great moments of action for up to four players team, seasoned with competitive elements, making the formula put more demands and unpredictable than ever.

Main features:

New game mode – Alone or with friends, beating the game Bozak receive a score that will allow us to participate in the newly added global ranking.

Challenge  final cooperative – Playing with friends no longer means having an advantage. So a team of four major players will be required against the tests.

Totally new location – Travel through Sector 0, the stage of Harran, where the government lost the first battle against the virus.

Spectacular new weapons – Defeat the horde to gain access to the ultimate stealth weapon: a bow hunting. Exceeds additional targets for electricity, incendiary and explosive arrows.

Who is Bozak? – Survive brutal challenges and knows more about the man who organized the challenges of the quarantine zone.

The Bozak Horde will be available as part of the Season Pass and can be purchased separately for $9.99.



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