DXRacer was the brand that started the trend of Gaming Chairs and in 2016 they wants to strengthen its presence in the market by launching no less than 17 new models. All DXRacer chairs allow adjustable height and up to 8 different positions, adjustable armrest, a steel structure to be secure, offer a long durability, headrest cushion, lumbar area with a high density foam for comfort and wheels for easy movability and durability. You can expect prices between 200 – 500 euros.

DXRacer launches its New Gaming Chairs, 17 models in total


DXRacer 2016 Models 

DXRacer Formula Series

The formula range is intended for users with a height of 1.75 meters with a weight of up to 100 kg. It has two models that differ only in their base: aluminum in the FE model (more resistant) and nylon in the FD model.

DXRacer Racing Series

They are the most versatile. They are recommended for gamers with a height of 1.85 meters with a weight of up to 100 kg. There are total 7 models in this series, which differ mainly in their lifting mechanism under the seat: the RJ and RT models feature the most versatile Multi-functional Mechanism and RW, RF, RT, RE, RB and RL models have the simplest conventional model called Tilt Mechanism. Differences in the models of a same mechanism are determined by the configuration options of the armrest, the strength of the base, and the size of the wheels.

DXRacer Racing Series

They build for users weighing up to 150 kg and a minimum height of 1.75 meters to 1.85 meters. King series is above if we compare it with Racing Series as far as resistance is concerned. With this series you can find high-end accessories, as a 4D adjustable armrest; multifunctional mechanism; reinforced base and 3-inch wheels.

DXRacer Tank Series

Recommended for users between 1.60 and 2 meters height with an even greater weight of 200 kg, these chairs are the most resistant of DXRacer. Multifunction has been replaced by one control mechanism called Heavy Duty Mechanism. Aluminum base with reinforced legs guarantee the resistance of this chair.

DXRacer Drifting Series

This new design is indicated for simultaneous work and gaming. It is intended for players up to 100 kg and 1.80 meters in height. DF models differ only in the quality of the base, which is made of aluminum.

DXRacer Iron Series

It also features a new design that aims to unite work and hobby, Iron Series geared for players up to 130 kg and 1.85 meters in height. It includes a multifunctional mechanism, better armrest than the previous model, reinforced base and 3-inch wheels.

DXRacer Classic Series

Intended for work, but with a determined image of gaming, the Classic model remains much more traditional. Recommended for users up to 110 kg and 1.80 meters height.

DXRacer Wide Series

It’s intended for the office environment, but with an aspect of e-sports. It differs from the Classic model riding a stronger monitoring mechanism, called Heavy Duty Mechanism (the same found in the Tank series). The base is also stronger than the Classic model.

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