In case you are a user of “Dubsmash”, things are all working fine. But but but if you have “Dubsmash 2” installed, then you are a target of a porn clicker app! Here is the procedure that exactly how to uninstall and completely remove app the app.

Dubsmash 2 is not actually successor of Dubsmash, but a malicious app


This Dubsmash 2 app, which pretended to be a newer version of “Dubsmash”, the widely known app that has gone viral on YouTube and all over the Facebook, it was installed around 500 thousand times from the Google Play store on android OS based smartphones. However, Avast, security software and antivirus developer, discovered that: As soon as the app was installed on an Android smartphone there was no record of an app named “Dubsmash 2” on the user’s device, rather the app installed has an app icon named “Setting IS”. If you open the “Settings IS” app, the Google Play Store would launch to the actual “Dubsmash” app download page.

Dubsmash 2 aka “Settings IS” is actually a Porn clicker


Instead of an entertaining video clip sending app, Avast has uncovered the reality of the Dubsmash-Clone as a porn clicker-software. With the malicious app downloaded in your phone, the device would provide access to specific services, subsequently using these to command the phone’s OS. It is presumed that it is a piece of adware to generate clicks on porn sites for profit. The app is less dangerous than annoying and deleting it solve any issues. But Avast said their mobile security and anti-virus have detected it as a malicious piece of software and we all knows that Google play store is not responsible for security.

How to uninstall Dubsmash 2

Avast comes to know that this Dumbsmash 2 I mean Dubsmash 2 app was launched by Turkish hacking group on Google Play Store. The original Dubsmash devs have contacted Google when they discovered this malicious stuff and it later on, it was deleted from the Play Store shortly thereafter. Now there is no software like Dubsmash 2 on Google Play. If you have installed Dubsmash 2 accidentally, simply you can in to Settings -> Apps -> find “Settings IS” and then uninstall the app, the same method of uninstalling other apps.
After all this fuss I should recommend to install any security software on your smart phone else things just can go serious and seriously.

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