New updates of Driverclub will finally get dynamic weather which will enhance its graphics more realistic.

Play Station 4 – exclusive game Driverclub will finally get dynamic weather which will give more improvements in the game’s graphics.

Driverclub Is Promised To Get Dynamic weather

Driverclub with Dynamic weather.

Though dynamic weather they revealed before the game in June but said it is a latest innovation so it will be added after the proper release of the game.

Earlier game was launched in October but it did not perform well. The game has been graced by many issues, especially server issues. Which shun players to play online and assessing certain features.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan recently explained that Driveclub’s troubled launch didn’t damage Sony’s reputation.

Due to its failure in proper work on the game, Developers have given some more features and DlC pack for subscribed users. It will be acknowledged after the complete fix of it’s issues regarding on-line, server issues and its bugs, this is a big disappointed in next Gen console games as they are getting such issues. Developers need to be wary for its final promised for dynamic weather. And the minor existing issues will be fixed soon, according to developer promise.

Hope after its update its users won’t be having such kind of issues regarding as it had earlier, most probably the online playing. And Gamers will get the privilege of its promised update of dynamic weather. With its proper patch and promised update, it will be an enhancement in game performance too.