There are rumors that DRAM prices could be increased in the third quarter of this current year because of the shortfall in Korean based Chipmaker’s production. The manufacturer has scrapped between 30,000-50,000 silicon wafers. This deficiency will bring a low memory supply, which joined with an expanded Q3 demand so it will put strain on memory manufactures.

 Rumor: DRAM prices could rise more significantly in the third quarter 



We remind you, DRAMeXchange already predicted that the price of 4Gb DDR3 will be increased by 4-8% this quarter, with this low supply now we can expect further high prices.

 Industry sources have suggested that DRAM prices could rise more significantly in the third quarter due to the Korea-based chipmaker’s production shortfall. The rumored 30,000-50,000 scrapped wafers are encouraging other major suppliers to hike their contract quotes by over 10% to US$14.

The basic rules of supply and demand will always affect the price of any product. If supply decreases and demand remains unchanged, then it leads to higher prices and lower quantity.

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